Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A powerful, short 3 minute film about life in Nepal after the earthquake, please click here to watch........
Dr. Rita Messing from Michigan, watched a program on Nova titled "Himalayan Megaquake", she writes...."It documented the devastation in Nepal and showcased the effect on it's people.  Watching that program solidified my decision to go and do whatever I could to improve their situation.  The fact that 2 million people were made homeless because of this natural disaster is mind-boggling.  All of the after-shocks were terrifying for the people who were still in post-traumatic states of mind.  But the most emotional moment of the program was a little girl, about 8 (my son's age) who was pulled from the rubble after 22 hours:  Her leg had been pinned and she couldn't walk and her first words to her father were, "How will I get to school?"   

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