Friday, March 4, 2016


We had an uneventful final leg into Kathmandu last night from Dhaka, Bangledesh  where we stopped briefly to let off passengers.  A short delay was caused when the flight attendants inspected every piece of baggage in the overhead bins after the Dhaka passengers deboarded. 45 minutes later the pilot was given the go ahead to take off .  At 1100 pm and 33 hours after leaving Vancouver our  tired band arrived at Tribuavan airport. When our plane landed we breezed through immigration and were confronted by the dreaded customs officials. It seemed that all the documents in the world filed in the right offices months passed was not going to stop this guy from doing his job.   We were stopped and pulled out of the line to the inspection table where we learned that there were "irregularities" they needed to check with their supervisor and that our eye glasses and equipment were to be stored at the airport and we were to return the next day.   
We firmly refused to move and told them this was our “personal luggage”.  When the customs officials realized we were not leaving without our boxes,  they slowly disappeared one by one into another room and left us alone by the customs desk with our carts and boxes.  So, I told the team to take their cart and head for the door.  Each team member nonchalantly wheeled the cart out.  I was scared, but no one came out of their office to stop us and we quickly loaded the boxes into the truck and headed to the Pension Suzata guest house.  David Sakaki, had some nice beverages waiting for us on the bus.  By the time we settled into our rooms it was 1:00am. 

Taking in the culture.....and getting ready for first clinic day tomorrow.

Some team members went up very early in the morning for a surreal flight to the incredible Mt. Everest.  They were able to go into the cockpit and take photos.


  1. Glad you got everything through customs, you guys have chutzpah to spare WOW!

  2. Stay safe. The March family and Team are in our prayers.

  3. You're on an empowering mission in every sense of the word! They must have sensed your determination. You are truly amazing!