Monday, March 7, 2016

It Begins With Namaste......

The TWECS Nepal T.E.A.M. ( Together Everyone Achieves Miracles)


In Canada I wake up every morning to my usual routine. A nice hot shower,prepared breakfast,packed lunch and a warm and comfortable car ride to school. I have grown up like this, living a life full of opportunities where all my needs are met and I have everything I have ever wanted. But for other people its a different story. This Spring Break I had the opportunity to visit the remote earthquake villages of Sindhupulchok Nepal. The recent earthquake in April of 2015 has left Sindhupulchok in a mass of rubble and destruction. But for the Nepali people, this was nothing new, this was their life. I watched as children played on piles of broken bricks as if it was their playground, I looked down and saw a river full of garbage and girls my age carrying wood twice their weight up the steep rocky mountain sides. Our first clinic site was located at a community school. Rusty corrugated  metal made up the walls and roofs of the classrooms and uneven gravel made up the floor. I was shocked. I had no idea that schools like this existed. The students in the school were all different ages from 5 to 17yrs.old. 

A group of girls my age were standing in front of our bus and I smiled and waved at them. They giggled to each other and shyly waved back. Often times I would catch them staring at me so I went over to them, bowed my head and  said “Namaste”.  They laughed and said “Namaste” in return. We quickly became friends. They invited me to their homes for dinner and to watch a soccer match with them. One of the girls really touched me. She helped translate for me at registration and I offered my ring to her as a token of my appreciation. A few minutes later she came running after me holding something in her hand, “For you” she said in broken english. It was a beautiful bracelet. I like knowing that I have a part of her to bring home with me to Canada, so that I never forget her. 

By Emma March

My new friends from Sindhupolchuk


  1. Very nice story Emma, enjoy the trip as I can see it will be a life changing experience for you.

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  3. Great story, Emma! Very touching. I'm happy to see you guys are doing well. Can't wait to hear all your stories and about the friends you've made :)

    Uncle Francis

  4. Great piece Emma. We miss you Emma And Evan. Keep recording your experiences. We are proud of you guys.

  5. Lovely, Emma! It is clear that becoming a TWECS TEAM member is leaving a profound mark in your heart. Thank you so very much for sharing your story! ♥️

  6. Love your story Emma! Very sweet! Keep making wonderful memories like that, those are the ones that will last a life time.So proud of you and the work your doing out there! Miss you guys.☺