Sunday, February 28, 2016

30 plus hours in transit

10 eye doctors and 6 general volunteers are off to Kathmandu March 1-12th to help earthquake survivors  by providing them with restored vision. The team leaves for Kathmandu on March 2 at 1:00am with only a carry on for their personal belongings as their luggage carries 10,000 prescription eyeglasses and optometric equipment.  It's a 30 plus hour journey to Kathmandu through Hong Kong and Bangladesh arriving late in the evening of March 3rd. 
We have been told that Nepal customs is hit and miss and again we will be at the mercy of the customs officials.  Yes we have the documents and we have our visa and we will arrive in uniform, but our eyeglasses can still be held and all our efforts will be in vain. 

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  1. Good Luck Everyone. Missing this one is difficult. Saying a few for smooth sailing through Customs.