Monday, March 7, 2016


On a Clear Day You Can See the Himalayas

Today the TWECS Nepal team had a later start, because it was a festival day for Hindu people everywhere. Several team members strolled the town in the bright sunny morning before our clinic departure, and were thrilled to see a gorgeous view of the distant Himalayas to the north.

Once every lunar month devotees recognize Shivrati, or a day celebrating the Hindu god Shiva. But only once a year comes Mahashivrati, a special nighttime vigil/celebration honouring Shiva. For the first time in several years Mahashivrati fell on a Monday, giving the Hindus of Nepal a long weekend! Plus, Dhulikhel, where we are currently based, is a short distance from Sanga, a town where the largest Shiva statue in the world, a 144-foot copper-coloured monument we passed on our bus ride, is located. All this to say it was a joy and a surprise to see so many turn out for our clinic in Lalitpur on a holiday!
Car decorated for Mahashivrati
Some of the team visit largest Shiva statue in the world

Lalitpur is known locally for its schools, and we set up at one where the cool, dark rooms of the concrete structure made good clinical settings for the TWECS doctors. Hundreds waited in the hot sun of the day while our second full clinic day hummed along, like well-oiled machine.
We had an outstanding day, serving 410 patients, and dispensing 271 pairs of glasses. Our youngest was only 3 and our oldest was a mere 95! 

First Patient of the day!
It was a treat to see these adorable kids.

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